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Krushnakant Sadiya Founder of VuWik Templates

Hi my name is Krushnakant Sadiya. I am Founder and Technical Author of VuWik and NowMing Blogs.

I am Passionated about Blogging and I stated my Blogging Jouarny from 2017. I Purchased my first Domain as KantZone. But Due to Lake of Knowladge i got Failure on it.

Then after i Quite Blogging but One Day my Friend Sahil Hingorja said that he want to get know about blogging and i saw he is really intrested to know it.

So, I ask him to become my partner and start Blogging Jouarny togather and He Agreed with me. We Launched our First blog. it's NowMing Hindi Language Blog Based on App Review and App Tutorials. and After Hardwork of 5 Months. We got a Adsense Approval.

Than After We Seen the Potencial of Blogging and his Carriar. So We Decided to Makes also Others Blogs and Covers More Topics. So We Created VuWik Engilsh Language Based Blog.

We also have wished to Grow our brand in local. So We Decided to Make One Gujarati Language Based Blog that can cover the Gujarat State Public. So We Created VuWik Gujarati Blog. it's Fully based on Education & Health related Topics.

So at The end i created many blogs from 2017 and did many technical things on it. That reason i have larger collection of Blogging Material Like Blogger Templates, Blogger Tools, Blogger Scrips. So i got a Qustion to myself that why i only one use all of them? why i do not sharing this Premium Theme Collection with Others? So I Decided to Make VuWik Tools and Templates Blog and Share all Premium Blogging Tools and Templates with You.

That Reason VuWik Templates Said "Build your dream blog today with our powerful tools and premium themes."

Have Good Day...

Sahil Hingorja Author of VuWik Templates

Hello friends my name is Sahil Hingorja. I am a Gujarati and live in Gondal Taluka in Rajkot District of Gujarat State.

If I talk about my education, I have completed graduation in B.COM field after May 12 Commerce. And I also have MPHW (Multipurpose Health Worker) degree. Along with this, I am also preparing for government recruitment released by Gujarat government.

But I got to know and study people's health related topics like government health programs, schemes, yoga and health, first aid, primary health checkup, home health remedies, protection against primary diseases, Ayurvedic medicines and people's health ideas. There is much interest in understanding.

I am not a MBBS Doctor or not a great surgeon but the knowledge I have gained so far from my experiences and readings. I want to convey that knowledge to you through this blogging medium.

Because people are working hard to make their body healthy and healthy. And they are getting treatment from the best and big doctors there. But I want to help such people through this blog.

So I will give you information about the primary treatment and government schemes with the help of which you will be able to improve your health for free and by yourself. And you will be able to do primary treatment at home.

Health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity but a complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.

Being a Gujarati I am proud of my mother tongue Gujarati so I want to give you health related information in Gujarati with the help of this blog. For this I have created this blog. I hope that it will prove to be very useful to all my Gujarati people and I humbly request you to get full cooperation from all of you.

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.

Bhumika Sadiya Author of VuWik Templates

Hello friends,

My name is Bhumika Sadiya. I would like to tell a little about myself. I am the author of this VuWik blog. I am a gujarati and gujarati is my mother tongue and i live in junagarh district of gujarat state. I love to learn and understand new things about home recipes, new dishes, health remedies. So I want to share with you many types of information that my experiences will be useful to you.

Nowadays, people prefer to use indigenous medicines, natural remedies, Ayurvedic remedies rather than foreign medicines. Everyone knows that Ayurvedic treatments never harm the body. We can blindly trust it. For that I want to share my experiences and my knowledge with you easily and simply in our Gujarati language. So that you get to know about the natural beauty and home remedies useful in life in your mother tongue.

All Gujaratis find it easier to understand and speak Gujarati language. Often times we have home remedies or health related issues that we want to solve but cannot get easily. Hence the idea of creating this blog.

I also like to get natural beauty at home rather than going out to a beauty parlour, where many types of cosmetics and unknown chemicals are used on our face, hair or body. Which shows side effects in the body in the long run. So that natural beauty like home remedies are not seen anywhere. The best idea ever.

Our life is very precious. One should always take care of one's own body.

That is, the use of new cosmetics should always be avoided. Do not take any kind of risk with your body. So I would like to connect with you through computer and share useful information.

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