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Adventur Travel Agency Blogger Template
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Download Adventur Premium Travel Blogger Template for Free

The Adventure Gooyaabi Travel Blogger Template is a remarkable clean and simple blogger theme that caters primarily to travel and lifestyle blogs. If you're in search of an elegantly designed and professionally crafted Blogspot theme, you've come to the right place. This template is based on Blogger's latest layout and data structure, giving you complete control and customization capabilities directly from your dashboard without the need to edit a single line of code.

Key Features

Let's dive into some of the key features that make the Adventur Travel Agency Blogger Template stand out:

  • Grid-Based Design: The template boasts a beautiful grid-based design, placing post pictures as the main focal point. This design choice allows you to showcase your blog posts with stunning visuals, making your content truly captivating.
  • Versatile Usage: While it's primarily tailored for adventure and travel blogs, the Adventur Blogger Theme is also a fantastic fit for various other niches, including authority sites, food blogs, movie critics, tech blogs, news websites, magazines, personal blogs, portals, newspapers, and more.
  • Stylish Color Combination: The template features a premium color combination of black, white, and green, giving your blog a sophisticated and modern look.
  • Customization Made Easy: Thanks to compatibility with Blogger's template customizer, you can effortlessly personalize and fine-tune your blog's appearance to match your unique style and branding.
  • SEO Ready: With SEO optimization built-in, your blog will have a better chance of ranking higher in search engine results, driving more organic traffic to your content.
  • Browser Compatibility: Ensuring your blog looks and functions flawlessly across different web browsers is essential, and this template is up to the task.
  • Responsive Design: The Adventur Premium Travel Blogger Template is fully responsive, meaning your blog will adapt beautifully to various screen sizes and devices, enhancing the user experience.
  • Adapted From WordPress: Benefit from the best of both worlds. This template is adapted from WordPress, combining Blogger's simplicity with WordPress's robust features.
  • Social Bookmark Ready: Encourage social sharing and engagement with built-in social bookmarking features, making it easy for readers to share your content on their favorite social platforms.
  • Post Thumbnails: Enhance the visual appeal of your blog by featuring post thumbnails that entice readers to click and explore your articles further.
  • Ads Ready: Monetize your blog with ease by utilizing the template's ads-ready design, strategically placing advertisements throughout your content.
  • Drop-Down Menu: Improve navigation and user experience with a user-friendly drop-down menu, helping readers find their desired content quickly and efficiently.
  • 3 Columns Footer: The template's 3 columns footer layout provides additional space for widgets and information, allowing you to customize and organize your blog's footer area as you see fit.
  • Breadcrumb Navigation Ready: Simplify your blog's navigation structure with breadcrumb navigation, helping visitors understand the hierarchy of your content and navigate your site effortlessly.
  • Email Subscription Widget Ready: Build and grow your email subscriber list with the template's built-in email subscription widget, making it easy for readers to stay updated with your latest posts and news.

Why Choose Adventure Gooyaabi Blogger Template?

If you're still on the fence about whether the Adventur Blogger Template is the right choice for your blog, here are some compelling reasons why it's a top pick:

1. Stunning Visuals

The grid-based design and focus on post pictures make this template perfect for showcasing your travel adventures and lifestyle moments. Your readers will be captivated by your content's visual appeal.

2. Versatility

Whether you're running a travel blog, a tech news site, a food blog, or a personal journal, this template's flexibility ensures it can adapt to your needs. It's not limited to one niche, making it a valuable asset for bloggers of all kinds.

3. SEO Benefits

With built-in SEO optimization, your blog will have a better chance of ranking higher in search engine results. This means more organic traffic, more readers, and potentially more revenue.

4. User-Friendly Customization

Don't worry about coding or technical complexities. The Blogger template customizer lets you personalize your blog's appearance with ease. Change colors, fonts, and layouts to match your style.

5. Responsive Design

Your blog will look great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With so many readers accessing content on mobile devices, a responsive design is crucial for a successful blog.


In summary, the Adventur Travel Agency Blogger Template is a superb choice for bloggers who want to make a statement with their travel and lifestyle content. Its stunning design, flexibility, SEO readiness, and user-friendly customization options make it a standout template in the Blogger community. Whether you're a seasoned blogger or just starting, this template can help you create a captivating and engaging blog that keeps readers coming back for more.

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Documentation of Adventure Gooyaabi Blogger Template

How to Install Adventur Travel Agency Blogger Template

To install the "Adventur Blogger Template" in Blogger, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Template:

    • First, you need to download the Adventur Blogger Template to your computer. If you haven't already downloaded it, you can typically find the template on the source website (in this case, ""). Download the template in a .zip file format.
  2. Extract the Template Files:

    • After downloading, unzip the template files to a location on your computer. You should now have a folder containing the template files.
  3. Log In to Your Blogger Account:

    • Go to Blogger ( and sign in to your Blogger account using your Google credentials.
  4. Access Your Blogger Dashboard:

    • Once you're logged in, you'll be taken to your Blogger dashboard.
  5. Backup Your Existing Template (Optional but Recommended):

    • Before applying a new template, it's a good idea to back up your existing template, especially if you have any customizations. To do this, click on "Theme" in the left sidebar, and then click the "Backup" button in the top-right corner. This will save a copy of your current template.
  6. Upload the New Template:

    • In your Blogger dashboard, click on "Theme" in the left sidebar.

    • In the Theme section, you'll see your current theme displayed. To upload a new template, click the "Backup/Restore" button located at the top-right of the page.

    • In the Backup/Restore window, you'll have the option to upload a template. Click the "Choose File" button and browse to the location where you extracted the "Adventur Blogger Template" files.

    • Select the XML file of the template (it usually has a .xml extension), and click the "Upload" button.

  7. Apply the Template:

    • After uploading the template, Blogger will show you a preview of how your blog will look with the new template. Review the preview to ensure everything appears as expected.

    • If you're satisfied with the preview, click the "Apply to Blog" button to make the new template live on your blog.

  8. Customize Your Template (Optional):

    • Once you've applied the template, you can further customize it to match your preferences. Go to the "Layout" section in the left sidebar of your Blogger dashboard to customize your blog's layout, widgets, and other elements.
  9. Publish Your Blog:

    • After applying and customizing your new template, make sure to click the "Publish" button in the top-right corner of your Blogger dashboard to make any changes live on your blog.
  10. View Your Blog:

    • Visit your blog's URL to see how it looks with the new template applied. It should now reflect the "Adventur Blogger Template."

That's it! You've successfully installed and applied the "Adventur Blogger Template" to your Blogger blog. Remember to double-check your blog's appearance and functionality to ensure everything is working as expected.

Features of Adventure Gooyaabi Blogger Template

Features Availability
Responsive True Check
Google Testing Tool Validator : Index True Check
Google PageSpeed Insights True Check
Mobile Friendly True
SEO Friendly True
Dynamic Heading N/A
Light Base Theme Color N/A
Minimalist N/A
Auto Read More with Thumbnail N/A
Responsive Ad Slot Yes
Breadcrumbs Yes
Dark Mode N/A
Fancy Box N/A
LazySizes N/A
Related Posts with Thumb / List Yes
Social Share Button Yes
Responsive Top Navigation N/A
Unlimited Numbered Page Navigation Yes
Smooth Scroll back To Top N/A
Custom 404 Page Yes
Custom Contact Form Yes
Follow Us Widget N/A
Newsletter Widget N/A
2 Option Sitemap Widget N/A
2 Comments System : Blogger and Disqus N/A
Well Documentation Yes
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